5 Rules to prolong the life of your shoes

Experienced lovers of grooming shoes agree that a full-fledged care consists of only a small number of stages.


1. Cleaning

   Minimise the contact of your shoes with water and dirt. It is understandable that in the city reality this seems difficult. Nevertheless, this must be kept in mind. This is especially true while talking about suede. Salts and reagents spread all over the streets in winter do not allow you to wear shoes with leather soles. For this time of year it is better to wear a pair with a rubberized bottom.


2. Alternation

One of the fundamental rules is to have at least two or three pairs of shoes. You should  wear them one after another every other time. The fact is that one night is not enough for the shoe leather to dry completely and restore its former shape. As a result of long wear, the shoes stretch and lose their attractiveness.


3. Maintenance

It is better to use wooden pads for leaving shoes for the night, and furthermore to store them for the whole season. This action will avoid the formation of creases. Preferred materials for pads are cedar, beech or mahogany. These kinds of wood can absorbs wet in the best way. In any case, never wear not-dried-enough shoes: the damp skin is very easily stretched and as a result loses its shape. In addition, it is simply dangerous for health.


4. Drying

Drying leather shoes is highly discouraged near or on the heater, as well as under the sun. It is better to clean shoes for a whole season by packing it in a box and, preferably, in a soft cloth bag. Do not dispose the desiccants. Never store shoes in a plastic bag.


5. Care

Here are some more general tips on how to take care of your shoes. Try not to use constantly colourless creams. After some time, the colour of shoes will fade. Better buy the tone which is the closest to your shoe. When purchasing care solutions for the first time, it is better to test it on a small inconspicuous site. it is better to buy a shoe care agent only in trusted stores that take care of their reputation, not to buy a fake product.